November 23, 2007

now i´ve heard some crazy stories about bangkok, but this train is definitly more than i would have expected!
you have to watc the video to the end, to understand!

Vanilla Coke

November 19, 2007

Now Vanilla Coke might not be you personal cup of tea, but this sopranoesk ad has got even me interested! Well, just a bit. But sill…

Berlin am Meer

November 12, 2007

After first watching an unfinished edit of this film in January I was immediatly deeply impressed by this film. Thanks for taking me along Kathia!
I remember having to vote for the film´s name – up against “Berlin am Meer” were two other names. One of them has left me, the other was “Three out”. Personally I think the chosen name was the best option!

So, go and watch the mooovie in January!


October 22, 2007

aufgrund einer empfehlung von amon barth kommt dieses musikvideo von thomas gramms virtuellem tagebuch.

No Monkey von Wally Warning

Breakdance in the DDR

October 17, 2007

Who would have ever thought that there was breakdance in the DDR?

This trailer is for student-film I definitly must watch!

he-man´s death

October 11, 2007


September 28, 2007

auf der suche nach funkvideos bin ich über diese extrem fiese seite gestolpet (danke soulkombinat). alles was in den 80 rang und namen und ein perverses video hatte hat sich hier eingefunden.

checkt das ab!